Monday, 1 January 2018

Wife Saw Her Husband With Taped In His Mouth While Sleeping When She Found Out Why She Was Touched By Her Husband's Action

When somebody already entered marriage, he or she must be ready for things that she or he wasn't used to. Both of them should learn to love each other more and respect to be able to have a more happy and enjoyable life as a couple.

When we say love and respect, listening is one example. When you listen to your husband/wife, you'll both find it easy to solve problems or misunderstandings. But sometimes listening can also be a problem too, especially when your partner is snoring too loud at night and causes you not to sleep.

But this couple's story that we're about to reveal is truly funny yet wise move as they take the initiative to another level.

A kid shared his' parents story on the Facebook Page, Penang My Hometown 我来自槟城. It was then translated into English by Good Times. The post went viral as it was appreciated by many and the couple was praised for what they did.

A part of the post is:

"My father has always worked hard to support our family. His job is tough and requires so much energy. By the time, he gets home and goes to sleep, he always snores.

This makes my mother irritated with my father’s loud snoring. She can’t sleep well if she sleeps in the same room with my snoring father, so my father has to sleep in our living room."

Snoring is already a normal thing for a wife, admit it or not. Yes, there are men who don't snore loud, and there are also who doesn't snore completely, but there are also men who snore too loud that makes their wife irritated. A room that is filled with the sound of your husband's snore will surely stop you from having a good night's sleep.

The kid's mother asked her husband to sleep on the couch in the living room so she can sleep better, but he husband has different plans for he doesn't want to sleep in their cold living room.

On the kid's post, it is also stated that:

"However, today, my mother goes into her bedroom and found a shocking visual of my father. Apparently, my father sleeps with his mouth covered with sellotapes!

My mother is both surprised and touched by my father’s action. She quickly removes the sellotapes from my father’s mouth. This is love."

She denied him from doing it once more and acknowledged him back in the room without the tape since she realized he would do anything and everything for he cherishes her so much!

source: buzzflare


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