Monday, 12 February 2018

A Baby Was Caught On Camera While Crawling Towards The Middle Of The Road Went Viral

A photo of an infant went viral after it on social media by a school teacher in Thailand. The infant got rescued from venturing too much outside the house. But luckily a good Samaritan had seen the toddler cross the road while he was on his way to work.

The baby might have been caught in an accident in the middle of the road which could result to life-threatening injuries.

It may seem that the child does not know the things it does, but the guardians of the child must take full responsibilities and must make an extreme caution in safeguarding their infancy stage.

Some children have a strong sense of curiosity around their space which excites their movement and mobility. It is significant to stay alert while guiding this kind of age group in order to prevent certain mishaps.

Kittithorn Jadaeng, the guy who posted the viral photo, was on his way to work in Banmai Klong-angwa School in Ban Rai district for the National Educational Test. But after spotting a child in the middle of the road, he immediately took stopped and took the baby on the road in Uthai Thani.

He brought the baby on its father's house and found out that the child went on its own to crawl away from home. The child's father was asleep when it happened and the mother went away from the house.

The captured photos of the child went viral as it was uploaded on Facebook.

Kittithorn captioned the photo and wrote:
“The baby was almost in the middle of the road, and if a car had been speeding past that spot while the baby was there, I don’t want to imagine what would have happened.”

He hoped that his Facebook post might serve as a lesson for parents who tends infant children. He stated that they must be reminded that they hold the utmost responsibility in protecting and guiding their children.

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source: readersportal


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