Monday, 12 February 2018

Canadian Tourist Shares Video After a Restaurant in Manila Charges Him 3,000 Canadian Dollars '123,000 Php' for a Meal

A lot of tourist gets scammed from time to time in the Philippines who happens to have less experience in such modus. An exact incident happens to a Canadian tourist from Ontario Canada where he had been scammed at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) in the Philippines.

He was charged for a hefty amount of Php 2,000 for the taxi fare and was brought down to a restaurant in Pasay City, Manila. He was brought into a restaurant where he took a meal and a drink but was later charged him with 3000 Canadian Dollars (Php 123,400).

Kengo M, the tourist who uploaded a video of the alleged scamming incident had shared his remorse on facebook. According to his post, he went to eat at the restaurant and get some drinks but was shocked after finding out that the bill costs more and overly priced. The waiter told him that he must pay 3,000 CAD or else they would call the cops. The management said that he doesn’t have to end up in jail and insists him to pay such ridiculous amount.

Kengo didn’t budge to their coercion and have stated that he is not an ignorant traveler who would pay for something that is way too much. Unknowingly, the management and the waiter had been caught on a film while doing their extortion by a hidden camera.

It could be seen in the viral video that the manager had been trying to blackmail Kengo in order for him to pay the overpriced bill of the food and beverage. They even suggested that Kengo should ask money from his family or friends in Canada and send it via Western Union. But to no avail, Kengo didn’t pay for it yet the man who might have been the manager of the restaurant took his passport. He said that they would only return his passport if he would pay the bill.

Because of the incident, Kengo got displeased on all of the hassle and injustice that he had experienced. He had shared the video on Facebook where it gained a lot of different reactions from thousands of netizens and had 1 million of views after 2 days of posting it.

Almost all Filipino netizens who saw the video felt ashamed over the incident which gave a bad name in the Philippines.

It was later revealed that the said restaurant was Club Apeiro Entertainment and KTV Bar located in Pasay City, Manila.

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