Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Former Actress Jennica Garcia Uytingco Now A Full-Time Entrepreneur, Amazes Netizens On Her New Found Career

Jennica Garcia Uytingco, daughter of the veteran actress Jean Garcia, had been one of the most sought-after television icons in the local scene here in the Philippines. After getting busy in her family life, she had been hiatus for quite some time from her showbiz career.

She had recently become an active entrepreneur and had gone quite famous in her business as she impressed a lot of netizens in her Instagram account. Despite having difficulty in her new found career, she had shown a lot of people that she is not just an ordinary businesswoman.

She had utilized her fame on social media and invited a lot of people to visit her ukay-ukay store that started on Jan. 24, 2018 in which she sells furniture, dress, shoes, books, baking and cooking utensils, and some fitness equipment. She also sells different children toys and household materials. It also lasted until Jan. 30, 2018 where she notified it on her social media account.

Her ukay-ukay store could be located in Saint Joseph Townhomes near Visayas Avenue. You could check out the specific directions and notifications on her ukay-ukay business in her Instagram account.

Aside from her ukay-ukay business, she also manages an infant needs a brand which is named “Kalinga ni Nanay.”

Her business profile even states that she’s a “maker of organic heirloom dolls, a healing storyteller, and a certified natural infant hygiene consultant.” She said that her business is inclined to a more natural way of supporting infants towards parenting and hygiene orientation which is seen on her Facebook page.

After announcing on December 2017 that she is expecting her second born, she got hooked up in focusing on her career despite the fact that her doctors had diagnosed her that she’s in a state of “threatened abortion.”

However, she had concluded that she would be canceling her classes in Kalinga and might resume it by February 2018. It would be best for her to focus on her pregnancy amidst of its difficulty.

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source: showbizph


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