Thursday, 15 February 2018

Girl Who Was Hailed as "Legendary Baby Face" Suprised Netizens After Her Age Was Revealed

Old age is something we cannot avoid. Even though there have been "miracle creams" that promises to defy age, there will be still a few spots that stubbornly shows on your face.

Some women seemingly have found the fountain of youth. Celebrities stars like Agot Isidro, Lucy Torres, Dawn Zulueta and Alice Dixson still looks like they're in the late 20's.

But the most shocking of them all is Marina Nagasawa or commonly known as "Mari-Chiu". She was hailed as "legendary baby face of Japan" because of her youthful look. In one glance you'll assume that she's 12-years old, but as you look at her body, you'll realize your mistake.

Some people often called her "legal lolita" where lolita means someone who looks like a kid but is actually a full grown adult.

She gained a lot of followers and admirers on social media. Not just because she's cute and have a stunning figure but because of her very young appearance despite her age.

Some of her fans think that she's a 12-year old trapped in a 22-year old's body, but then again that's what most women dream becoming of.

She was born in Saitama Japan, and she often dresses up in a schoolgirl outfit. She's 155 cm in height and looks like a teen, but can you guess her age?

Mari was born on October 8, 1995 which makes her 22 years old! She looks half her age! Despite her young looking face, this hottie is actually old enough to model swimsuits and bikinis!

She can seriously do a good cosplay with that features! We can only wonder what does this woman eat? Do you think she's really found the fountain of youth? Let us know in the comments section below.

source: viral4real


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