Thursday, 8 February 2018

Gorgeous Filipina Model Defends her Boyfriend from Netizens Who Say That He's BF is Not Worth It and She Deserves Better

Nowadays, with social media as another means of communication, people are free to express their thoughts even without thinking what it might do to others. Relationships are often easily judged by others and being commented upon no matter what the couple might think.

Recently, a couple went viral because the girl reacted to the negative comments of the netizens. Cutie chinita, ‘Angie Gutierrez’, is a car show model and brand ambassadress. She has a lot of fans following her on social media. It was her beauty and charm that captivated her fans, but it was her personality that gained their loyalty. Where there are fans, there are bashers.

When Angie introduced her boyfriend, Aaron Pascual, the bashers had a field day posting comments on Instagram. They were surprised that the man who dates the beauty was just a normal looking guy. Some even claimed that they were ‘better-looking’ than the boyfriend while the others commented, ‘Daig ng maswerte ang taong gwapo!’

The good side is, Aaron doesn’t care about what others say about him, which ignites Angie to defend him. She started her post with what people commonly say about their relationship.

‘You can do better.'

‘He’s not worth it.'

‘Sexy ka naman, maganda ka naman bat di yung pogi mong manliligaw sinagot mo.'

(You’re sexy and beautiful, why didn’t you choose one of your handsome suitors?)

‘Model ka dapat gwapo boyfriend mo.’

(You are a model, your boyfriend should be handsome)

She can only say one thing: ‘I DON’T CAREEEEEEEEEE, I WANT HIM AND THAT’S IT!!!!!!’

Angie was exasperated with the comments and what people think, so she stood her ground and decided to give the bashers a piece of her mind. “Ang babaw at ag bullhit ng pamantayan ng iba sa kung sino ang dapat na piliin mo. Pag maganda, dapat gwapo. Pag gwapo, dapat maganda. Pag macho, dapat sexy ang girlfriend. And that’s bullshit! Ang babaw!”

She claims that there is nothing beautiful that a person with a good heart. Someone who has clean intentions and will take care of you, not fool you. “Wala nang mas gaganda pa sa taong may mabuting puso. Malinis ang hangarin, aalagaan ka at hindi ka lolokohin.” She ended her post saying that beauty will fade but a good heart, never. “Kumukupas ang panlabas na anyo, pero ang mabuting puso. NEVER.”

It seems that this pretty lady isn’t only beautiful, but also wise in terms of love. Other couples might get affected by the negative comments, but it seems this couple only made their love even stronger.

source: phtrending


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