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Guy Lost His iPhone, Luckily These Honest Elementary Students Found His Phone and Gave it Back to Him and Enjoyed Their Reward for their Honesty

Nowadays, the Philippine government is in an intense war against crime and drugs, news for now and again has been filled with nothing but deaths and robbery. While Jose Rizal’s famous quote, “Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan”, now raises doubts among the ‘millennials’, things now just had gotten a little clearer.

It was always debated if today’s children can still change our nation because as they grow, evil influences them in more ways than one. So to give hope to those who lost their faith in this saying, read the story of a young man who lost his smartphone.

A man named Ericson Fernandez, a student of De La Salle Lipa, shared his experience after he lost his smartphone as he was on his way to SM Lipa with a friend.

He later realized that his smartphone was not with him, he thought that he left his phone in his dormitory, but he still called his number to make sure. It was a surprise that a female voice answered his call which made him start to get worried. The female said she found his phone then Fernandez asked if he could have it back. The woman agreed and asked him to go into ‘Paninsingin Elementary School’.

According to Fernandez, “While I was waiting outside the school a young boy asked me, “ kuya, kayo po yung nawawalan ng cellphone?” (Are you the one who lost a phone?) So I said yes, and he accompanied me inside the school. We went to their classroom, and as I entered their room, I greeted politely, then the teacher asked me if I am the legit owner of the phone, she asked me to enter the password, so I did.” When Fernandez was able to prove that he is the owner, she returned the smartphone in which Fernandez thanked her.

via: facebook/ Ericson Fernandez

But the surprise did not stop there. The teacher admitted that it was her students who found the phone. Fernandez was surprised to know that the students gave the phone to their teacher in hopes of getting it returned to its owner.

According to Fernandez, “That is not all, I heard another student saying, “Ma’am, di ba masama magnakaw? (Ma’am isn’t it wrong to steal?), and the teacher answered “Tama, pag hindi sa’yo ibalik dapat sa may ari” And also the teacher told me that her students were praying for me that hopefully, I will call so that I can have my phone back. I am just standing there and listening to them, I was really astonished and touched because they made me realize that they're still good in this world.”

Fernandez was so thankful that he decided to treat the students who returned his smartphone to a meal at Jollibee.

via: facebook/ Ericson Fernandez

He first asked permission from the teacher to which she agreed and told her class, “O! Ayan class, pag may ginawa kayong maganda, may babalik rin sa inyo na maganda.” (Class, if you did something good, you will receive blessings in exchange.) According to Fernandez, “I am very thankful to them not only because they returned my phone, but also I learned a lot from them.

I am so happy for them because, at their very young age, they [already] know what is right and what is wrong. I am really inspired by them and also I want others to be inspired because they reminded me that whenever you do good things, it will really pay off; and as for me seeing them smile while they eat their chicken joy, it brings me joy to my heart.”

The students who helped Fernandez was revealed to be Grade 5 students: Tyron, Jerome, Joros and Clifford and the teacher is Veronica Calawod. It’s good to hear news like this, where children are taught good deeds and they really take it to their hearts to be good. Kudos to you Ms. Veronica for teaching these children, to be honest.

source: phtrending


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