Sunday, 4 February 2018

Homeless Man With Hidden Talent Makes An Exceptional Street Art That Makes Netizen Wows

In this age, it is rare to come across in a certain individual with great artistry. Some hide away their talents because of shame that most people may dislike or criticize their work. But sometimes, we could see a lot of artwork even in the streets which are made by random people that we meet.

Some of these strange people that we often meet who begs for alms have talents which they share with most people. They could be seen doing their artworks on the pedestal or mural walls. These people have nothing but the streets and their skill in artistry. Most of them are also handicapped or persons with disability.

A beggar who is known for his art craft in the streets of Metro Manila who seeks alms to some passerby. He struggles mainly for food by sharing his drawings which eventually made him quite famous as he was discovered by a netizen.

In a Facebook page named “Senator Pacquiao Supporters, a social media user shared a post where he attached a photo of the beggar artist and his artwork. He was also seen eating a leftover food which is handed to him in the overpass in Fairview, Manila.

His exceptional talent got a lot of praise on social media despite his state in life. He only used charcoal in drawing his craft, and the road was his canvas. The Facebook post got thousands of shares and reaction from different netizens.

In photos that were attached to the post have different artworks which were made by the unnamed beggar. He managed to draw a beautiful lady and a handsome guy inscribed with the word “love” in the middle. The guy was also able to draw a huge dragon only by using charcoal.

It is clear that he is a good artist even he lacks some equipment and knowledge that might improve his quality of work. He could also be seen happy despite all of his hardship as a beggar.

Check out the full Facebook post here:

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source: danified


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