Sunday, 18 February 2018

Look: Vendor from Recto Caught on Camera While He Prepares Gulaman in Disgusting Way

Street food is a term that usually signifies ready-to-eat foods and beverages sold in a portable food booth, food cart or food stall usually prepared in public places, notably streets.

It is common in the Philippines and most of the Filipino love it because these food items are perfect and that they are easily available, very affordable or cheap and tasty.

However, one questionable thing about street food is its sanitation and hygiene especially of the food and the one who prepared it.

Recently a video of a street food vendor from Recto, Manila goes viral on Internet as it was uploaded by a certain online user named Warren Fraginal on Facebook.

Usually, a photo or video goes viral on the Internet because it featured good people, good deeds, inspirational attitude and people who inspired others from doing good things or towards other people. However, this man does the opposite.

As you can see on the video, the vendor was preparing a juice or palamig in tagalog, when he suddenly picked up the ice on the floor or rather on the road and put it on the juice.

The annoying part of the video is that the vendor didn’t wash the ice before he transfers it to the container. Imagine, many people are buying those drink, and he just prepares it like that, how disgusting. Please be aware of this vendor because he doesn’t care about our health, all he cares is the money he will get from people who will buy his palamig.

Street foods are delicious, but it should not be eaten daily, it is not deadly, but it can be dirty depending on the cleanliness of the one who prepared it for this unknown vendor.

We should always choose to eat somewhere sanitary, and we must learn to evaluate the vendors who will prepare our food because a small sacrifice to buy better food is worth so much more than getting diseases from unsanitary street vendors.

source: phtrending


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