Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Man Abandoned Suicide Attempt After This Girl Came and Kisses Him

Some people have a hard time dealing with their lives. Some of them usually end up being depressed and hurtful which affects their current mental state. It often leads to hurting their self and even ends up having some suicidal tendencies.

It is usual case for people who are having a lot of problems that they couldn’t bare. Some of these people are only just teenagers who are not capable of handling or coping with their own emotions.

But there are also some kind-hearted people who try to do anything they can just aid these kinds of troubles. Such an example has been displayed by a young girl in China after stopping a 16-year-old boy from his ill-fated notion about suicide.

Just passing by along the pedestrian bridge in downtown Shenzgen, Liu Wenxiu saw a boy holding a knife in his hand while hundreds of people are making a commotion preventing the boy from jumping.

This 19-year old girl was shocked after realizing that the boy who wants to commit suicide was her friend.

The authorities tried to prevent Liu from getting close to the boy but were later permitted by telling them that she was his girlfriend. She stated that the reason behind his attempt to commit suicide was because of his mother’s death. It was also revealed that his stepmom didn’t treat him nicely and had left him with his father’s money.

According to Liu’s testimony, she said that: “He told me he didn’t have a home anymore, nobody cared about him, and no one trusted him. I showed him the scars on my right wrist as I used to be suicidal too because nobody in my family was happy. That boy, he was like a younger me. He had to be saved – because I’ve been there before and I knew exactly how it was.”

It took only a couple of minutes after their discussion over the bridge has ended. Liu hugged the boy and kissed him unknowingly which made the boy free from openings. The police used the advantage to take away the knife from his hands and pull him inside the handrail of the bridge. It made the bystanders shocked as if it was like taken from a romantic movie scene.

After they rescue the boy, Liu left the scene. The local authorities needed the aid if Liu once again because the boy refused to reveal his side of the story until he sees Liu.

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source: insidereaders


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