Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Man Discover a Hidden Trapdoor in their Newly Bought House When He Open He Found a Small Box in the Corner that Turns Out to be a Treasure

Even just thinking about it, buying a new house is exciting. The process of walking through houses for sale while holding a welcome drink is exciting.

When you’ve already chosen and bought the house, the planning and designing of the renovation of your house are exciting as well. But do you know what else is exciting as well? It’s finding treasure in your newly bought house. Crazy, right?

It may seem surreal and feels like this was a plot for a horror movie, but one couple recently bought a house. As they were moving in, the husband, Matt, was stacking up some boxes in the closet, when his wife noticed something on the wooden floor parquet.

There seems to be a trap door hidden in the closet. At first, they were afraid to open it as it might hide something they don’t want to see – maybe like a dead body? Yikes! But Matt decided to pull the small handle to see what was inside.

As they opened the trapdoor, they thought it only contained dust, until they saw a small wooden box in the corner sitting on a black plastic sheet. They lifted it out of the hole and was surprised that it was heavier than it looked.

Curious, they both tried to open the box, but it remained locked. Then they noticed that the keyhole was still in great condition.

Using random tools they can find, Matt tried to open it. But he took great care, afraid he might ruin its contents.

When he successfully did it, then checked its contents. It has a smaller box inside and pieces of coins, which explained why it was heavier than it should be.

Starting with the coins, they realized that the coins were in different currencies, such as dollars and British pounds, and there were old coins inside too! The oldest one they found dated as far back as 1859.

Matt’s wife continued to check its contents when she found a Silver Surfer trading card that is more than a few decades old. As they finished examining the coins, they moved to the smaller box.

Good thing Matt’s wife found the small key for the lock of the small box. The lock looked very intricate!

When they opened it, as first, they found a small drawstring bag. But what could be inside it?

Surprisingly, it contained pocket watches and one small ring. Two of the pocket watches still work, and the ring has a Girl Scout emblem on it which serves as a clue as who could be the owner of the treasure.

It was a good thing they found treasure and not a dead body, phew! But it undoubtedly was exciting to see what was inside the box. Now it makes me curious if most old houses have trap doors? If so, do you think they would contain treasure as well?

source: ourdailytrends


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