Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Man Killed His Neighbors After He Was Repeatedly Asked The Question "When Are You Getting Married?"

While it doesn’t take much to lie to your parents where you are going in a school night or cheat on your exams, killing is a different matter. Much more if the reason for killing a person is as strange as asking an acquaintance, “When are you getting married?” In a point in our lives, everyone has experienced getting asked this question.

It was a question that puts you in an awkward position, “whether to bluntly answer it” or ask the person to “sod off”. Either way, unless you were planning to marry soon, it is the most dreaded question. But what’s shocking is a man’s reaction when his neighbor asked him that.

On January 19, 2018, Faiz Nurdin from Kampung Pasir Jonge, Indonesia was sitting in front of his house when his pregnant neighbor named Aisyah who was 32-years old, came to talk to him as she passed by.

The 28-year old Faiz claimed that Aisyah frequently asks him that question and he felt insulted. According to a police spokesperson, “The suspect revealed that the woman said, ‘Faster get married, the others are already married, why aren’t you getting married yet?’ These words offended the suspect.”

On that same day, Faiz planned to do something about his exasperating neighbor. He went to Aisyah’s house, and the victim invited him in. Unaware of what Faiz was about to do, Aisyah was caught off guard and was thrown to the bed where Faiz attacked her.

The victim attempted to escape and fought back by biting Faiz’s fingers, but unfortunately, he was too strong for her. He strangled her with his bare hands.

“The suspect then stole some money worth RM230 ($59) and the victim’s smartphone in the room,” the police said.

Then Faiz tried to flee the scene using a motorcycle and go to Kalideres, Jakarta but the authorities managed to catch up with him and shot him in his leg. At the scene, they confiscated a few items such as a motorcycle, a pillow, a pair of slippers, a t-shirt and a piece of cloth.

Faiz will be facing life imprisonment once convicted of the crime of killing a pregnant lady. Whether it was annoying or not, it is not a reason to kill someone. Learn to control your thoughts, whether you are offended by not just keep on moving and ignore those who are toxic in your life. Acting out of anger is never a good idea, and it would do well to remember this.

source: elitereaders


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