Friday, 2 February 2018

Meet the Fisherman's Daughter Who Makes Her Father Proud By Graduating With Honors 'Magna Cumme Laude'

Succeeding the hardships in college and graduating with flying colors is one of the most amazing gifts that every proud parent dream of for their children. Some of these strive hard just to give their children some proper education to help them reach their goals in life. Check out this very inspiring story of a girl that made her fisherman dad proud of her achievements.

Despite their poverty, this fisherman tried his best just to bring his daughter to college. Their story caught the attention of thousands of people in different social media platforms. It inspired them a meaningful story of diligence and hard work which are rarely displayed by some people.

Regine CaƱete Villamejor attained one of the highest awards that were given as a graduate from the University of San Jose-Recoletos in Cebu City on the 25th of March, 2017. According to Philippine Entertainment Portal, Regine Villamejor graduated with an exceptional award as a magna cum laude.

Her proud father, Mang Raul, made all his effort in providing her the necessary things in order to finish her studies. Mang Raul had a small paying but decent job as a fisherman and fish vendor in Taloot, Argao in Cebu. But even if he didn’t have large amounts of money to sustain her daughter for studying in college, it never hindered Mang Raul to reach his dream to make Regine finish in college.

According to Regine, her father wakes up early every morning just to go fishing in the sea. Regine stated on her Facebook that: ”Umaalis nga po pala ng bahay ng two or three a.m. ng madaling araw para mangisda ‘tapos po, uuwi siya mga two or three din ng hapon. Pero minsan, kapag wala talagang huli, maaga siyang umuwi.”

She also stated in her interview the earnings that her father collects in his line of work. Regine told that: “Si Tatay po more or less 700 pesos yung kita niya in a day. Pero depende po iyan kasi pag may bagyo, siyempre madalang ang kuha niya.“

She also told that she often helps her mother in selling fish in their stall in the market when she has the spare time.

Although they are poor, she always has a positive outlook on life. It gave her the confidence to succeed and have hope for a better future for her family.

A lot of netizens got inspired by her story.

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source: tnp


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