Thursday, 1 February 2018

Meet the Guy that was Dubbed by Netizens as the Hottest Bean Curd Vendor Ever Exist ~ Thanks to his Abs

In our world today, several handsome men and stunning women are normally seen in the public. However, it looks like these men and women are not doing their regular and daily activities. Instead, they are seen doing a hard task such as chopping vegetables or selling foods on the street, in the market or the store and restaurants.

Such as this 26 years old gorgeous looking guy named Chen Yitin who caught the attention of numerous people especially women as his photos of his perfectly-toned abs went extremely viral online. His photos were posted on social media that made him famous worldwide and were tagged as the “Hottest Bean Curd Seller”.

He was followed by a lot of women because of his gorgeous face and toned abs that despite his rough work as a vendor of a stall in the Beitou district of Taipei. Just looking at him sweat like that makes every woman want to thank the sun for doing its job. But isn’t his photo hot enough too?

According to some report, Chen Yitin was believed to be the godson of the owner of the stall who sells Chinese pudding from soft tofu covered in sugar syrup. However, a lot of speculation about his identity attracts the customers and the social media users.

Speculations like he’s not just an ordinary guy who sells bean curd but he was a professional model of Mercedez-Benz. Imagine that, this hot guy on top of a Mercedez! What more could you ask for?

Critics claimed that when his photo goes viral, he was just looking for publicity online. However, it was denied by his modeling agency.

Cheng belongs on the list of several hot vendors that are not celebrities but are going viral for their amazing visuals and toned bodies that caught the attention of customers and social media users.

Such as this 25-year-old Zhang Caijie who sells meat and a 20-year-old You Shenglun who sell rice in the market.

Looks might get us attention, but hard work gets us to reach our dreams. Sending salutes to these hard-working hotties, they are not just a pretty face (or a hot body) but a good law abiding citizen that works for a living.

source: manilaflash


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