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Mom Took Selfie with Her Dying Daughter and this Photo is Their Last Picture Together. Later Notice a Light with a Figure of an Angel Behind Her Daughter

Cancer is really hard to detect disease. No matter who it is, no one should ever go through on fighting cancer alone or with a loved one. It takes a lot of courage to be the support system of someone with cancer because you'll have to be strong for the both of you. You simply can't show weakness or frustration. It is what it is, and people just deal with it.

There are cases in which a mother will have to be with her daughter with cancer. It is a tough job specially and no mother should ever experience it. In Lincolnshire, UK, a mother named Sarah Danbury, sat by her daughter's side, Amy Beckingham, who was 19 years old and was undergoing chemotherapy.

It was devastating to see her daughter struggling. She was diagnosed with an incredibly rare form of liver cancer called fibrolamellar hepatocellular carcinoma. Amy fought all the way but unfortunately her conditioned worsened, and she passed away last October. Tumors the size of tennis balls, formed in her abdomen.

Months after, Sarah was looking thru old photos of her and Amy when she noticed something that still leaves her dumbfounded. In a photo that they took together in the hospital room, she noticed a form of light that has an angelic shape floating above her daughter. "I didn't think anything of it at first," Sarah said, "But when you look closely at the photo it does look like an angel. There were only two lights on that side of the room and they were both switched off - you just can't explain it. It's so weird."

Sarah recalls that Amy saw the photo and said, "It's my guardian angel."

Three weeks after the photo was taken, the brave teen passed away. She never gave up and fought bravely. In an interview with Daily Mail, Sarah said, "She was such a brave girl. She wasn't one to sit there crying, she was so strong-minded and a real fighter."

Even though she was going through medications and treatments, Amy made sure she can be there for her mom on her wedding day. It was when Sarah married her now husband, Adrian Danbury.

She also explained that Amy's grandfather was also going through chemotherapy as he has cancer as well. They helped each other in their struggle. "They always used to help each other through it," Sarah explained. "That's one of the things I will always remember about Amy - she was such an inspirational girl and fought to the end."

Amy's grandfather passed away in March, only six months before Amy. It must be a scary thing to endure, and we can only admire Amy for it!

Even though Amy is gone, Sarah finds comfort that a heavenly being might be watching over her daughter. Sarah said, "It gives me comfort seeing that picture because it makes me think there was someone there with Amy looking after her knowing it was coming to her time, you just don't know." She added, "I don't go to church, but it got me thinking that there's got to be more out there."

It's one of the most unbearable things to see that your daughter is in pain and you can't magically fix it. But we should never forget that God is always with us, and He has a reason for everything that we can't understand.

Amy is a true warrior, and even though she left her loved ones with a sad note, she still left us with an inspiring story to live thru all of it and choose to be happy.

source: phtrending


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