Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Netizen Ordered a White Bookshelf in an Online Store But When the Item Arrive They Were Surprised on What They Received

Nowadays, modern technology such as Internet offers people more convenience in their everyday life. One of this is the Online shopping which became a popular method of shopping. Online shopping is a process where you can buy or sell items online via the internet instead of going to malls and be stuck in a heavy traffic.

The only thing you have to do is visit a certain online seller or online shopping page in your internet browser and choose the product you want to buy and tadaaaa... you just have to wait for it to be delivered on your doorstep. You can choose to pay upon delivery of the item or pay via credit card.

Some of the online sellers offer free shipping fee, or the free shipping will depend on the amount of the product you will buy. Lazada is one of the online sellers and is now the first leading online store in the Philippines. They have garments for every gender and age and in different brands to choose from. They also have electronics like a television, mobile gadgets, and even CCTV. 

Lazada's online store not only offers the convenience of shopping, but they also help people who are interested in the courier industry.However, Lazada’s increasing demand comes several loopholes and problems that are beyond control.

Like the story of OPM singer Yeng Constantino, who is not satisfied with the things she purchased from Lazada in which it was shown in the video she posted online.

Another story is from an unknown netizen who shared her disappointment towards Lazada on social media. According to her post, her mother purchased a bookshelf on Lazada that is worth 874PHP, but to their surprise, the item that was delivered to them is not what they expected. 

As seen in the photo it was a miniature bookshelf for a dollhouse, with size same as the smartphone. They were so angry that they even posted their disappointment online. Meanwhile, netizens who saw the said post first believed that it was Lazada’s fault for them to receive the wrong item. However, some disagree, and they said that it was really the buyer’s fault.

Upon checking her post, there was clear evidence that it was truly the buyer's mistake. As seen in the photo, Lazada provided the title with "Miniature" and also the actual size of the bookshelf. The post of this girl earned lots of negative reactions from netizens, they even blame her because she didn't check and read the specification carefully before buying it.

We often get attracted to the photo of the item before checking the specifications. It is also the common mistake of those who are answering an exam. We were always reminded by our teachers to “read the instruction carefully”.

Although the main marketing strategy of online shops is to attract the consumer by posting beautiful pictures, we should also check the description and specification of the product. Money is always hard to earn, so we gotta be wise when spending.

source: healthstagram


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