Thursday, 8 February 2018

Owner of a Coffee Shop In Thailand Is Facing Jail After Hiring Near Naked Model to Serve Costumers

Putting up a business is a huge risk, not only do you spend money on starting it, but you also have to choose a marketing strategy to introduce your business to the market. The question is, how far will you go and take the risk?

Although, there have been many ways to improve sales, one coffee shop owner named, Prason Sukkorn, thought of an idea to attract at least half his target market - most probably the male half. Although he could have placed an ad on TV or billboard, this coffee shop owner chose to hire Arisa Suwannawong or better known as "Jaenae with the huge boobs" and Minggomut "Ming" Kongsawas.

The owner took photos of the models, particularly Ming, while she was serving the customers wearing nothing but an apron and high heels. Meanwhile, he took a promotional video of Arisa saying "the coffees are so delicious.

The cakes are so good. They use a lot of milk" then she suggestively glanced at her breasts.

While, nearly naked ladies do not offend anyone at a strip club, in Thailand seeing these ladies at a commercial business establishment is definitely looked down on.

When police asked the models, Suwannawong claimed that she was not getting paid for the photos.

She just wanted to help the business and did it out of the goodness in her heart. " I just did it out of the goodness of my heart to help the coffee shop." She added, "They are a new business and didn't have customers so I just wanted to help."

Sukkorn also stated, "There was no intention to be sexual or offensive. I posted the pictures online just as a way of marketing the business. I have apologized for this." The models also apologized. "I hope people will forgive me I didn't know how angry so many people would be about it," Suwannawong said.

However, Plu Ta Luang Superintendent Pol Colonel Thanachai Usahakit said that the owner would be facing jail time up to five years and/or a fine up to 100,000 Thai baht ($3,168). He said that the owner admitted to posting 'obscene materials'.

Since they aimed to gain a lot of attention, we could say the succeeded on that part. In a span of five hours, it gained over 3,500 comments, 21,000 reactions, and 8,800 shares.

The post shocked a lot of netizens, some of them even commented that "This kind of promotion prompted female baristas like me to be viewed negatively. Now foreigners perceive Thailand as brothels. Please have understanding for working people in the profession [when] you use this kind of bad promotion. Please understand how they will be perceived."

In the business industry, we have to take risks but we should study the pros and cons first. We would not want to waste such effort and money for the bad decisions that we make.

source: elitereaders


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