Sunday, 4 February 2018

Pictures of a Beggar Dog and His Exhausted Master Capture the Attention of Netizens

Poverty has stuck to our economy and most nations. The government has been making efforts to reduce the percentage of poverty every year, but we can still see the effects of their failure in their endeavors.

There are those who are making ways to earn and support themselves to improve their plight even the slightest bit.

A photo of a young boy who was sleeping with his hands folded on top of his knees has been making rounds online. The young boy seems to be tired, and he was with his dog while they were begging spare coins from passersby.

The loyal dog was biting a plastic bucket where people can place their donations. You can see in the photo that the kid seems to be taking a nap, presumably because of the heat of the sun or he was tired. The photo was taken in Manila right across a university, near the LRT station.

In the photo, you can see playthings scattered on the floor. According to a separate post, the young kid performs tricks with his dog to earn enough money to put food on their table and to help him with his school expenses. It is admirable that this duo will do honest means to earn money. Instead of sympathy, they are earning praises from netizens. What a kid!

A lot of people would give them money in return for the mini show. In fact, a concerned citizen noted that the dog would only look at him calmly when he placed money in the plastic bucket. It seems that the dog was trained well and grew up with his young master.

Although it’s a sad thing that some kids have to resort to this to provide the food we should be reminded that we should help the needy whenever we can. It is not their fault they are born in this predicament, but if we can eat more than three times a day, let us help others who are struggling in life.

source: elitereaders


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