Friday, 2 February 2018

Remember the Sexy Star Katya Santos? Here Is Her Life Now After Leaving the Showbiz

In the entertainment industry, some actresses can cry in a heartbeat, then there are those who can crack a joke at a moment's notice, and there are those who can play intimate scenes convincingly.

Back in 90's and 2000, gone were the conservative media. Entertainment industry wholeheartedly welcomed the rise in action and sexy movies. Even though tons of talented actresses were seen, most of them who aspire success went another way they see the public demands.

One of them was Katya Santos who started her career young. She was part of "Ang TV" and "Oki Doki Dok" together with Aga Mulach. She also played a role in "Anna Karenina".

In her teens, she explored comedy and drama shows. But later on, she decided to change her image moving to a more seductive role. She joined the "Viva Hot Babes" a female group with Maui Taylor, Andrea Del Rosario, and other sexy actresses. They released albums with their hit song, "Bulaklak" and "Basketbol".

In 2003, she introduced her first seductive movie, "Sukdulan" which was condemned by the Catholic Church because she was barely out of her teens and the steamy film was brazen and inappropriate.

Even with different challenges coming in her life, she continued her rise to stardom and was dubbed "Materyales Fuentes" because of her well-endowed assets. She was then featured in men's magazine, showcasing her assets that appealed to many male libidos.

In 2013, she married the coach of Mapua Institue of Technology' basketball team, Anton Delos Reyes and was blessed with a lovely daughter, Tala Maria.

Evidently, Katya's sexy roles were only a phase for her to make a name in the industry. She now has a franchise of MiniStop in Pasong Tamo and full-time mother and wife to her family.

Her Instagram account, "@katyasantoslove" reveals how she manages motherhood, wifey duties, and her career. She also makes time to follow her fitness routine to stay fit, even though she's become a foodie whenever she travels.

She's truly grown to be a wise woman who pursues whatever she likes who only focuses on the positive side of life. You go Katya!

source: notableph


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