Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Remember Vandolph Quizon? Look How Happy He is with His Life now After he Left the Showbiz

Do you still remember Vandolph Quizon, the son of late comedy legend Dolphy Quizon and actress and politician Alma Moreno?. Well, he is now a city councilor of the 1st District of Paranaque City.

Vandolph is the child star who always played the role of the chubby and lovable son or grandson. One of his famous appearance in films is in 1986 with the movie title "Balimbing: Taong Huyango" together with his father, Dolphy Quizon. He is also best known for his son character in "Home Along Da Riles" ABS-CBN sitcom in 90's.

Partway to his rise in his career, a devastating accident almost killed him. Back in 2001, he and his girlfriend Desiree "Ishi" Raquiza got into a car accident wherein he was the sole survivor.

Vandolph is now happy living his life together with his wife Jennifer Salimao-Quizon, a dancer and Barangay Kagawad in Tondo. They tied the knot last December 3, 2007.

For many years of being married, Vandolph and Jennifer made sure to fulfill their responsibilities as they are both dedicated partners and parents to their adorable kids.

The photos of them with their kids that was uploaded online was an evidence of their happy family that even if they are both busy with their respective responsibilities, they still spend quality time together.

The said photos showed their family posed like their pose on airport terminal while waiting for their flight, which according to Vandolph is their first family picture for the year 2017.

Other photos of them are their family dinner at La Carmela de Boracay.

Their family poses at the back of their car.

Vandolph takes a selfie while showing his annoyed face because his son won't share his ice cream.

Although Vandolph has been out of the showbiz spotlight for several years to focus on his political career, he still occasionally makes cameo appearances, accepts minor roles in film and television and recently worked again with network stations in the Philippines like ABS-CBN, GMA, and TV5.


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