Sunday, 18 February 2018

These Boys with a Unique Name Goes Viral, Then their Mom Explain Why She Chooses These Names

A lot of parents are having difficulty to choose a perfect name for their child. Even their baby is unborn most of these parents have already the list of the names that they will choose to give to their child.

Some parents are mixing their names or even use some conventional names such as “Justin” or “Michael” for their sons and “Anne” or “Jane” for their daughters.

But some parents provide a very exaggerated name to their children. Having these kinds of creative names have become a trend recently in this day of age. It is believed that having such unique name brings character to the child.

Just like this mother who named her children with uncommonly made names. Her three young boys got viral after showing their I.D. names on social media.

Takeshi Suda, a Facebook user who uploaded the said photos of the I.D. names, made those boys viral which made a lot of netizens happy as they shared and reacted to the said Facebook post. A lot of people got intrigued with the parents of boys who made their names.

These are the names of the children who were shared in the Facebook: Dzywrygh Lynzh M. Tamayo, Pzxydynn Yzzr M. Tamayo, and Djykynll Rysym M. Tamayo.

These names are tough to read or pronounce which somehow made confusion to most of their friends and acquaintances. Choosing such name may somehow also affect the children’s point of view in their life which can cause mental issues.

But their parents have decided for their children’s names and people must respect their decision. Some people even think that there is an error while their parents insert those names.

A Facebook page claimed that they were able to know the reason why the mother agreed to name her children with such difficult pronunciation. According to her, they chose the names so it won’t look simple just like theirs. They decided to have it differently despite the criticism against those names.

The mother stated that: “Wala naman po. Para maiba lang. Jon kc name ng tatay nila eh di naman Junior tas Mercy name ko. Super simple kaya binawi sa name ng mga anak ko.”

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