Friday, 2 February 2018

These Campers Found A Strange Cooler Drifting In The Middle Of The Lake. Turns Out Something Spooky Was Trapped Inside.

Most people spend their vacation on the great outdoors, especially on a mountainside. They enjoy such adventures and spend their time chilled out on a lake under the heat of the sun.

From time to time, some of these adventurous people also would come across the bizarre which may distinctively frighten most of the unknown travelers. Dwelling in the forest or roaming around out of towns are the most fun and thrilling experience that one could ever attain.

Such us these group of people who decided to spend their time hanging around the riverbanks somewhere in America. Having fun near cold water while bathing under the heat of the sun and drinking cold beers are one of the most enjoying activities that most Americans do with their leisure time. 

But as soon as they fully enjoy their time together, they came across a strange cooler box floating amidst their camp. They were spooked enough to go near it for it may contain something horrid inside the chiller box. But as soon as their curiosity rose, some of the guys get near it and checks for it.

They surprisingly took the chiller near the riverbank. It made a bit more strange as they saw that the box are duct taped as if it sealed something that doesn't have to be opened. Apparently, they didn't hesitate to open it despite the fact that it may seem like one of the scenes in a horror movie where they might find some remains of a dead person.

One person even thought that it might have contained drugs and hoped for it. As they opened the box, they were baffled to see a very strange doll inside.

Although they were at ease with not finding a dead person's remains or any drugs inside, they were still a bit spooked out because of the doll. They were left with questions about why did a person trap a doll inside and throw it in the river.

A lot of them thought that some kid might have thrown away her doll and kept it adrift in the river. Hundreds of netizens were curious about it as they see the video.

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source: themindcircle


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