Sunday, 18 February 2018

This Woman Accidentally Dislocates Her Jaw After Laughing so Hard Due to Excitement While Playing a Card Game

They say laughter is the best medicine. Apparently, one middle-aged Chinese woman would no doubt disagree with that. Not after what she’s been through.

A couple from China was riding a train traveling from Nanning to Qingdao City. The travel time takes about 28 excruciating hours to get to their destination, so the couple naturally had to find a way to amuse themselves to get rid of boredom. It’s a good thing she traveled with her husband, else it would be hard to wait for 28 hours until you reach your destination.

The couple decided to play a game of cards, which is perfect for the trip. A card game is fun and does not need a fully charged battery to play. Unlike our gadgets who fail us whenever they ran out of battery.

While playing a game of cards, the wife laughed so hard that she accidentally dislocated her jaw. She couldn’t close it and trying would give her so much pain. Unfortunately, the Innocent game of cards ruined their trip as it went chaotic the minute the wife experienced pain in her locked jaw.

The husband immediately called the attention of the training staff and informed them that his wife needs urgent medical help. So the train had to speed up to reach the nearest station which was Guilin.

A soon as the train stopped, medical personnel were already there waiting for them. They hurriedly assessed the wife’s condition and proceeded with the 2-hour treatment which was a success as the wife was able to move her jaw again.

It seems so surreal, but it can really happen whenever you laugh so hard. I guess we have to keep in mind not to take things to the extreme. Sadly, their 28-hour trip took longer than what they expected.

source: elitereaders


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