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Viral Photos Of A Loyal Dog And Its Young Master Sleeping on The Sidewalk Captured The Hearts Of Netizens.

Check out this photo of a young boy sleeping beside his loyal dog on a sidewalk. It was shared by Gen Pilar on his Facebook account which showed a sincere bond between a pet and his master. They were caught sleeping hugging together which captured the hearts of many netizens.

Gen Pilar captioned the photo with this statement: “A dog doesn’t care if you are rich or poor. All he knows is that he loves you very much.”

image via: Facebook/ Maria Kabs

Genuinely, it is said that the dogs are a man’s best friend. They have a special affection towards humans who keenly provides protection and at the same time, companionship. According to an article of Cuteness, dogs share more human-like behavior than certain domestic animals such as primates. Dogs exhibit empathy to humans which are proven by the researchers towards their behavior. 

image via: Facebook/ Maria Kabs

It is said in their study that dogs could share emotions such as humans do. In their research, they placed a dog in a room with its master and also a stranger. 

Both of the stranger and the dog’s master started crying. They saw that a dog tried to comfort both of them. They also found out in their other studies that dogs could interpret the human’s verbal and physical actions, as well as their facial gestures.

image via: Facebook/ Maria Kabs

image via: Facebook/ Maria Kabs

In response to dog’s behavior, humans could also easily understood their liking through their actions and expressions. This reciprocal communication between dogs and humans made their bond especially unique, unlike some animal species. Dog’s reliance towards their owners also develops to build their loyalty around them.

image via: Facebook/ Maria Kabs

Studies also have shown that dogs could also differentiate the human acts of kindness and selfishness. According to a study shared by Dr. Stanley Coren, he used two human subjects with treats in his experiment while being observed by the dog. 

The two subjects were approached by another human who is seeking for a treat. The first human subject refused to give a treat and got angry about it. The second human subject had shown kindness and gave the other man a treat. After observing the two, the dog was allowed to interact with the subjects that have treats. 

The dog preferred to stay with the second subject who was kind and shared his treats. With this findings, Dr. Coren shared his belief that dogs choose to be with a human who treats them the same way they treat other people.

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source: metabuzz


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