Thursday, 19 April 2018

'Kinaibigan, Pinagkatiwalaan, Ninakawan' Woman Caught On CCTV While Stealing Her Friend's Smartphone

There have many cases of theft in the country for the past five years. While the government works on overall crime rate, cases of theft continue to rise every year.

It might be connected to the black market or selling of second-hand gadgets in the country, but one would keep on wondering, which hurts more, losing your phone or getting backstabbed by a friend? Or maybe both?

We trust our friends completely, almost as much as we trust family. However, one netizen named, Christine Dapiton, shared on facebook a CCTV footage that shows who stole her iPhone6plus from her bag. She was surprised to see her phone gone, just imagine how surprised she was when she learned who stole it.

As it turns out, it was her friend who took the phone directly out of her bag. According to her, "KAKAIBIGANIN pag tapos ko tulungan ninakawan pa ako. Please be aware of this fucking women MARIA ANGELA LICAYAN!

March 14, 2018, The pictures and video are shown below is the person who stole my iPhone 6 plus.

Di ko lubos maisip na pati ako di ka tinuring na iba pag nanakawan mo pa. Alam ko maliit na bagay lang yan para sirain mo binigay kong napakalaking tiwala laking aberya ginawa mo sakin!

A police report has been filed.

If anyone knows or sees this person kindly let me know via private message."

True enough she posted the CCTV footage to prove it was indeed her friend who did it. You can see on the video, Dapiton left her paper bag of belongings beside the accused, Licayan. 

Licayan then moved the bag near her and watched if Dapitan is occupied. When she feels like she won't be coming back soon, Licayan immediately paced her bag beside the paper bag and opened it.

She then scooped Dapitan's phone out of the paper bag and transferred it to her own bag. She checks again if anyone saw her, then she proceeded to turn off the cellphone so that it wouldn't ring. Afterward, Licayan went outside, and that's when the video ended.

It was caught-in-the-act footage, and it could strongly push a strong case against Licayan. It was not clear what happened next, but we should be aware of the people around us.

It hurts when someone you trust takes complete advantage of you. No matter what troubles a person, it is not right to steal someone's belongings.


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