Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Meet Laurene Danielle Reid the Stunningly Gorgeous Half Sister of James Reid Who is Taking the Showbiz Industry by Storm

With a massive fanbase and tons of projects left and right, James Reid is without a doubt killing the show right now.

His attractive boyish looks really captured the hearts and interest of the people. His loveteam and real-life girlfriend is also one of the hottest and trending girls in the Philippine showbiz. Together, these two are unstoppable.

Despite facing countless of issues, controversies, hate, and criticisms, the young celebrity couple remains strong and unbothered for almost two years.

But aside from Nadine, did you know that there’s one more woman that is close to his heart? Like him, she’s sexy, sassy, fab and just downright beautiful.

Introducing James’ gorgeous half-sister, Lauren Danielle Reid.

Lauren Danielle Reid is a Filipino-Australian model, actress, MC, and blogger. She was born in the same year as James but to different moms, but that didn’t stop them from being close, as they are with all their other siblings.

Since the very start, James has been very supportive of Lauren’s decision of entering showbiz, he even posted a photo of her on his Instagram in June with the caption “Look out for the new it girl”.

Just like James and their other siblings, Lauren spent most of her life in Australia. Because of it, she’s still struggling with speaking and communicating in Filipino. Since she’s determined to learn fast, she took classes, but now she’s trying to work it out on her own by having more conversations in Filipino and watching teleseryes.

In 2016, she started her professional career in Modelling with the help and influence of her Brother James Reid.

And with just barely 3 months after entering showbiz, Lauren Reid is already making headlines, appearing on magazine covers and taking the showbiz industry by storm!

Since she signed with Viva Artists Management in July, everyone was curious about this entertainment newcomer. The people were not surprised to see her gorgeous look, a trait that seems to be quite famous among the Reid siblings.

She’s also exploring the world of K-Pop and Korean entertainment and is currently expanding her career not only in the Philippines.

Lauren is also known for her blog about health and fitness. The 25-year-old model even challenged her followers on Instagram to do the 30 days sugar-free challenge recently.

Lauren is also close to his brother James’ on-screen and real-life girlfriend Nadine, she even went along with them on their ‘JaDine High on Love’ tour. Lauren also shared with the press at the Preview website launch on September 14 that Nadine is her closest friend here in the country, they even share clothes sometimes!

Becoming famous has its downside too, the unnecessary hate is one of them. And just like James and Nadine, she already had her fair share of bashers.

But she doesn’t let it get to her, it’s something that cannot be avoided- it’s something that comes with the job. Lauren takes her brother’s advice to her heart: “Be yourself, enjoy what you do, ignore any negativity that comes your way, because it’s not important, and be true to yourself.”

With Lauren Reid slowly rising and making a name in the showbiz industry, we got ourselves another it girl to look out for.


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